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Handheld Riot Shield (NBS)

Superior protection from a lightweight design. Handheld Riot Shield (NBS)

The Handheld Riot Shield (NBS) is designed for use in corrections and law enforcement applications. Particularly effective for crowd and riot control, the NBS is lightweight, shatter resistant and capable of withstanding impacts from bricks, bottles, splash and rocks.

NBS units also stand up to all types of swinging strikes. At the National Institute of Justice Annual Mock Prison Riot™, the NBS absorbed blows from batons, chairs, 2x4's, and crowbars with no damage to the shield or user. The NBS offers many new and patented features not found on any other shield on the market. It is flexible — capable of being folded in half repeatedly with no creasing damage, and its interlocking edges allow personnel to form a unified, solid barrier with multiple shields. It is also available in right- or left-handed configurations.

An ambidextrous model is also available and was previewed at the 2010 Mock Prison Riot. This model allows the officer to quickly and easily change grip to accommodate weapons or tools, as well as use a two-handed grip for extra reinforcement.


Riot Shield

Handheld Riot Shield (NBS)

Capture Shield

Handheld Capture Shield (NBS)










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