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Briefcase Insert (BCI)

Lightweight ballistic armor insert Briefcase Insert (BCI)

Defenshield's Briefcase Insert (BCI) provides convenient and discreet protection for VIPs, undercover law enforcement and business executives traveling in terror-prone regions.

The Briefcase Insert is thin and light weight — easily fitting into any standard size briefcase, backpack, computer case, or large handbag. It is available in a variety of patterns from camouflage to faux leather finishes.

Constructed of either NIJ Level IIIA or NIJ Level III materials, the Briefcase Insert is capable of sustaining multiple rounds of fire.

The NIJ Level IIIA Briefcase Insert (BCI) is 1/4" thin, weights 1 lb., and protects against most handgun threats including the .44 magnum round.

The NIJ Level III BCI is 3/4" thin, weights 5 lbs., and protects against most standard rifle rounds up to 7.62 NATO.





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