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Hurricane Window

Built for survival. Hurricane Window

The Hurricane Window system is designed for use in the walls of buildings in hurricane-prone areas. The unit is specially developed for use in government and municipal buildings, hospitals, hotels, temporary structures that house response workers and any facility that must survive hurricane forces and other natural disasters.

Constructed of an armor plate attached to a track holding transparent ballistic armor, the Hurricane Window is an excellent alternative to traditional windows that may break and shatter easily under high winds and impact of projected debris. Occupants of buildings with Hurricane Windows can rest assured that they're safe from the elements outside.

Hurricane Windows offer up to NIJ Level IIIA protection, making them capable of deterring a .44 magnum bullet, or its equivalent in flying debris. Standard sized units offer an 18 x 18 inch viewable area, and can be customized to fit varying sizes and applications. The Hurricane Window system ships assembled and ready for installation.

Tested for strength

The system is able to withstand hurricane-force large-missile impact and is certified by H.P. White Laboratories to meet FEMA specifications for impact of a 10-foot long, 15-pound, wooden 2x4 traveling at 100 miles per hour.





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