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MDFP Shield

100% Visibility, 100% Coverage. MDFP Shield

The Mobile Defensive Fighting Position (MDFP) is designed to provide troops in hostile environments and entry control points with an area of maximum safety and full visibility. When standing behind an MDFP, personnel are protected from head to toe with armor that defeats a range of ballistics from 9mm to 30-06 Armor-Piercing rounds, including 5.56mm and 7.62 NATO rounds.

Constructed of durable, anti-corrosion, powder-coated and finished armor and a transparent armor window, MDFPs are an effective tool for instantly hardening any location. The units are instantly deployable and can be disassembled in a matter of minutes without the use of tools - no engineers or architects required.

MDFPs are fitted with either lag plates for stability, casters for movement on improved surfaces such as concrete or carpet, or filled ATV-style tires for movement on unimproved surfaces such as grass or gravel, and can be easily moved across any surface by a single officer. The units are mobile under fire and can be used to cover and remove injured persons from the scene of a conflict. Optional gun ports provide a safe area from which troops can return fire.

To maximize deterrence and provide aesthetic appeal, units can be painted any color or covered in our unique Camography™ wrapping which allows the unit to blend into its environment, be it desert camo or the woods or cinder blocks. MDFP's at the Pentagon have a textured grey finish to match the building's exterior and units used in courthouses often have wood grain finishes.

MDFP units meet a range of ballistics ratings from NIJ Level II, III, III-A, and IV, and Department of State Standard 01.01, and have been independently tested at HP White Labs in Street, MD. Uses include physical security - establishing a higher level of deterrence and protection at checkpoints, perimeter control centers, interior or exterior building security, roadblocks and observation points, anti-terror operations, hostage negotiations and riot control.

For additional information on various levels of protection, mobility options and features, refer to the series pages at right.





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