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Safety you can stand behind. SafePoint<sup>®</sup>

The SafePoint Mobile Security Station is designed to provide the highest level of protection for security personnel while allowing for full visibility and mobility. It is ideal for use in courthouses, airports, stadiums, arenas, embassies and government buildings, and is an excellent way to enhance security and deter potential assailants with minimal preplanning, disruption or expense.

With a SafePoint® in place, security officers at entry control points are protected head-to-toe from ballistic threats. It is available in a variety of levels of protection to meet your safety requirements — from NIJ II-certified 9mm resistant to NIJ IV-certified Armor Piercing resistant models. Sizes and weights vary by model, and custom sized units are also available.

As with all Defenshield products, the surface can be customized with Camography for aesthetic appeal, including woodgrain, brick or marble finishes, as well as team or corporate colors and logos.

Unsurpassed mobility, unmatched protection

SafePoint's portability and ease of deployment and storage make it ideal for establishing secure entry control points as needed. A single officer can move the unit instantly to create heightened security when and where it is required, including busy airport terminals, unexpected crowd formation areas or courtrooms hosting high-profile trials.

Units are fitted with either lag plates for permanent positions, ATV-style tires for movement on unimproved surfaces such as grass or gravel, or swivel casters for movement on finished surfaces such as concrete or carpet. SafePoints are easily disassembled into a few components with minimal tools, and can be transported and reassembled on location in a matter of minutes — no architects, engineers or contractors required.

Mobility options are constantly being developed in response to individual needs and specifications. Please contact us to discuss the latest developments.





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