FY08 Defense Appropriation Bill includes $3.5M for Defenshield MDFP's

Washington DC

On Tuesday, President Bush signed into law the FY08 Department of Defense Appropriation Bill, which includes $3.5M for the U.S. Army to procure additional Defenshield Mobile Defensive Fighting Positions (MDFP’s).

The Army received its first shipment of MDFP’s in March for use in combat situations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The highly effective design and mobility of the units make them valuable in situations where combative locations change frequently and without warning. Recently, footage of the MDFP’s in combat use, defeating building-top snipers in Iraq, have appeared on Military.com video files. Links to the videos are in the video gallery.

Congressman James Walsh and Senators Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer supported the Bill which included not only the Defenshield allocation, but also another $13.2M for defense contractors in the Central New York area.

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