Defenshield MDFP's "Instrumental" in Pentagon Shooting

Arlington, VA Defenshield MDFP's "Instrumental" in Pentagon Shooting

Defenshield has received confirmation that its Mobile Defensive Fighting Positions (MDFP's) located at the Metro Station entrance to the Pentagon were "instrumental in protecting the officers during the incident".

On Thursday evening, shortly after rush hour, an armed man walked through the Metro entrance to the Pentagon, approached the security officers and calmly pulled a gun from his coat pocket and began shooting. The officers returned fire and the suspect later died of his injuries. The officers received minor injuries described as "grazing" wounds. The motive for the shooting is not yet known, however, is not believed to be tied to international terrorism.

Pentagon officials said the Pentagon's security system worked as intended and prevented the gunman from entering the building and injuring anyone at work inside.  "Police are routinely posted there as "the first line of defense" for the Pentagon", said Terrance P. Sutherland, chief spokesman for the Pentagon police.

Outside the main doors two guards sit behind bullet proof glass barriers (Defenshield MDFP's) and check identification cards. Inside the building beyond a set of turnstiles is another guard armed with a rifle.  Defenshield MDFP's have been deployed in and around the Pentagon since 2004.

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