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Safe Desk

Security at work. Safe Desk

The Safe Desk is a modular panel and bracket insert designed to provide inconspicuous shelter from ballistic threats in the workplace. Ideal for use in government buildings, courthouses, embassies, airports and any other facility that houses high-profile workers, the Safe Desk provides a higher level of protection while maintaining an unobtrusive appearance.

The Safe Desk utilizes durable, anti-corrosion, powder-coated and finished armor panels to create a layer of protection inside a traditional desk. In the event of an attack, personnel behind these desks are safeguarded against rifle rounds up to and including Armor-Piercing, with NIJ Level IV armor. Lighter NIJ Level III armor is also available.

The standard Safe Desk system is 27 inches wide x 24 inches deep x 27 inches tall and custom-sized units are available to fit any size or type of desk. All assembly of the Safe Desk can be completed on-site with no tools in approximately 10 minutes.





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