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MDFP Accessories

Bridgeport, Tow Bar and Awning MDFP Accessories

The Bridgeport is an armor panel used to connect two Defenshield MDFPs at a 45-degree angle. Multiple Bridgeports and MDFPs may be connected in a series to form a ballistic- and blast-resistant fortification. A closeable port is incorporated into the armor face of each Bridgeport, providing a safe firing position for a variety of weapons from behind the units. A side gun mount for the MDFP is also available, as well as heaters, shelves and pullout drawer systems.

Like the MDFP, Bridgeport units are available with up to NIJ Level IV Armor-Piercing Resistant protection. The unit is 2 feet wide and 6.5 feet tall. The Bridgeport's steel armor features a durable anti-corrosion powder-coated finish. Camography™ is also available to match the color and camouflage of your Bridgeport to your MDFP.

Assembly of the Bridgeport unit is quick and easy, and can be completed in the field without the use of tools. Two soldiers can attach a Bridgeport to two MDFPs in approximately five minutes.

Tow Bar
The Tow Bar accessory is an attachment designed for MDFPs with ATV tires, which enables the unit to be towed with a vehicle. Available in pintle ring or 2-inch ball receiver configurations, the Tow Bar makes it quick and easy to move the MDFP short distances, such as across a military base, for use at another location.

Utilizing the MDFP's existing tires for mobility, the Tow Bar assembly attaches to the unit's ATV tire axle. This attachment requires no tools and can be completed in approximately one minute. Once attached to a vehicle, the MDFP can be towed at speeds of up to 10 miles per hour. The Tow Bar and MDFP are designed for off-highway use.

The Awning accessory is designed to protect personnel utilizing the MDFP from sun, precipitation and other natural elements. Troops are able to stay alert while remaining as comfortable as possible in all weather conditions.

With a standard size of 36 inches x 52 inches, the Awning can be quickly and easily attached to or removed from the MDFP without the need for tools. This attachment is not ballistically rated.

Camography™ is a fully customizable photo laminate which is added to MDFP and SafePoint units instead of traditional camouflage to make the unit look natural and ensure maximum concealment in any environment.

Camography™ can also be applied to the transparent armor panel of the unit with a one-way see-thru film. Whether used in diplomatic or government facilities - or forests, deserts and other outdoor settings - images of the location in which the unit will be deployed, from brick walls to grasslands, can be matched in exact color and scale.







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