Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

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Defenshield is a service disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) specializing in the engineering and development of bullet, blast, and fragment resistant equipment for the government, military, law enforcement and private sector for anti-terror, force protection, and physical security requirements.


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"What we like about Defenshield is that their staff is very flexible and open to new product design and carrying that design through to a finished product.  Our needs are met every time we contact Defenshield!  "

Mike Kuether
NextEra Energy, Security Supervisor

"The guys feel a lot more protected. They are exactly what we needed in the locations we have them deployed."

MSgt H. L. Johnson
USAF FOB, Kirkuk, Iraq

"Great piece of gear and it saved many lives (ours and ISFs). All ECPs had them when I was out there with RCT-5."

Major L.F. Lara
I MEF, Hadithah, Iraq

"Uniquely constructed to provide the protection Marines and Soldiers need in vulnerable locations, while providing excellent visibility of approaching gunmen."

D.C. Hales
II MEF, Fallujah Iraq

"Of the many pieces of gear we have bought since the beginning of the war ... the Defenshields work. They have saved dozens of U.S. and Iraqi soliders’ lives."

Major L.A. Casserly
I MEF, Western Iraq