Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

Custom Engineering

A veteran-owned, veteran-staffed business, Defenshield understands the needs of our customers in the field because we have been there before. We offer full engineering services and specialize in working with clients to develop custom designs to meet their particular needs.

Custom designed products include a variety of ballistic–resistant windows, personnel access point protection, and defensive fighting positions manufactured exactly to our customer’s specifications and requirements.

Contact us today, and we’ll work with you to create a custom solution.

See below for some examples of custom jobs we have done.

  • Customer Engineering Room at Defenshield
    Interior left side of a ballistic container
  • Engineering room
    Interior right side of a ballistic container
  • security panel
    Firing ports in a ballistic container
  • Customer Office Corner Position at Defenshield
    Customer office corner position
  • shield interior
    Right side of a custom corner position
  • shield inside
    Custom corner position in an energy company
  • Armored Junction Box Enclosure
    Armored Junction Box Enclosure
  • dfps
    Rooftop Defensive Fighting Position
  • custom-doors
    Custom Hallway Doors
  • Two Ballistic Resistant Window Systems in Office
    Custom Window Position
  • dfps1
    Front side of a rooftop DFP
  • ds-hd_1
    Custom NIJ Level IV Door
  • ds-hd
    Custom NIJ Level IV Door
  • Window System at Defenshield, Inc.
  • Empty Hallway Inside Defenshield, Inc.
  • Hallway Inside Defenshield, Inc.
    DS-WS-CFP 2
  • ds-ws-cfp
  • ds-ws-dw
  • img_00000345
    Ballistic Resistant Container made into a guardhouse