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Defenshield Mobile Fighting Positions are saving lives in Iraq

September 13th, 2015

The II Marine Expeditionary Force has ordered additional DS-181-P mobile fighting positions for use during the upcoming Iraqi National Elections and Referendum. Similar units were deployed during the first Iraqi Government Elections in January.

“The Defenshield Mobile Fighting Positions (DS-181-P) are uniquely constructed to provide the protection Marines and Soldiers need in vulnerable locations, while providing excellent visibility of approaching gunmen. These Mobile Fighting Positions have already proven their ability to stop small arms fire while allowing personnel concealed behind them to engage enemy combatants, from a secure position, and eliminate the enemy threat. These items have saved the lives of several Marines that have been fired upon in this part of Iraq.” said Assistant Chief of Staff of Logistics, D.C. Hales, in a request for expedited shipment of the order.

Through a contract valued in excess of $450,000, Defenshield is providing a superior level of protection to US and Iraqi security forces, as well as the Iraqi public. These partitions, similar to other Defenshield units deployed by the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense and civilian agencies provide the highest level of protection in a mobile, stand-alone device.