Defenshield, Patented Protection

June 21st, 2005

Defenshield Inc. is proud to announce issuance of US Patent 6,907,811, covering our Mobile Defensive Fighting Position.

Defenshield Inc. has developed a certified tool for the immediate protection of Americans in harm’s way. The Defenshield Mobile Defensive Fighting Positions is a blast, fragment, and ballistic resistant barrier that will prevent attacks against security forces anywhere it is used. The Mobile Fighting Position provides security personnel with 100% protection, 100% of the time, converting potential targets into deterrents. Mobility ensures this deterrent also defeats attempts at reconnaissance.

The Mobile Fighting Position provides stand alone, portable protection up to NIJ Level IV (30-06 AP) and US Department of State Standard 01.01 (7.62mm NATO and 5.56mm) in a small, efficient, cost effective, aesthetic platform. This versatile tool is the best insurance available for the security and active protection of US interests.

Units are currently deployed in Iraq, at the Pentagon, in courthouses and police stations, as well as in the defense of critical infrastructure at the Nine Mile nuclear plant in New York State.

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