National Commander Dave Rehbein visits Defenshield

April 16th, 2009

American Legion United States National Commander Dave Rehbein (second from left) visited East Syracuse-based Defenshield Inc. yesterday. The Commander’s visit included a tour of the company’s engineering and test facility at 14 Corporate Circle, East Syracuse. After the visit, Commander Rehbein traveled to a reception at the Lowville American Legion near Fort Drum.

“We are honored that the National Commander of the American Legion would take time out of his busy schedule to visit our company. His visit underlines the importance of providing products to our soldiers that protect them on the battlefield, while at the same time providing lifesaving protection equipment to city, county and state police forces,” said Collins White, President of Defenshield.

Cmdr. Rehbein served as a U.S. Army infantryman with the 4th and 1st Armored Divisions in Germany from 1970 to 1971. His tour of Defenshield included a review of the Mobile Defensive Fighting Positions (MDFPs) currently deployed by the U.S. Army in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. One of the MDFPs on display was outfitted with the latest design request from the Army – a movable gun mount that allows soldiers to return fire while remaining protected behind the unit. Also on hand were several of Defenshield’s latest product developments, including the Sand Bag Window designed to add visibility to sand bag and earth-filled fortifications, and Barrier Caps designed to add vertical transparent armor to concrete barriers.

“I am impressed by the mobility and portability of the Defenshield products,” said Cmdr. Rehbein. “Defenshield is doing important work developing unique and affordable armor systems that protect and save the lives of our men and women in battle.”

National Commander Rehbein is a member of Ames Post #37 (Iowa) where he served as commander and adjutant, as well as 12 years as finance officer and 16 years as newsletter editor. He has served on many department committees, including Membership, Oratorical, Strategic Planning and Junior Shooting Sports.

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