Widespread deployment of Defenshield MDFPs in 2007

March 5th, 2007

2007 was a busy year for Defenshield – filled with key installations and the development of innovative new ballistic protection products. Defenshield’s Mobile Defensive Fighting Positions (MDFPs) were further deployed from stateside ports of entry to combat zones in the Middle East, providing a higher level of protection that maximizes deterrence and minimizes the chances of attack by persons attempting to breach a secure area.

Defenshield, which specializes in engineering solutions for personal ballistic protection needs, also introduced two new products this year: the Barrier Cap (transparent armor supplements for concrete barriers) and the three-sided MDFP with an all-weather ballistic cover, weapon rack and firing ports.

Over the year, all branches of the US Military deployed additional MDFPs to reinforce base entry control points. After attempted threats at nearby Fort Dix, MCAS Cherry Point in North Carolina installed MDFPs as ballistic deterrents and an additional layer of protection at their front gate. Units deployed there have red brick CamographyTM that matches the surrounding entry buildings, providing inconspicuous protection for Marine Sentries. Andrews AFB in Maryland and The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at Bolling AFB in Washington DC proactively positioned MDFP’s at their ECPs as well. The DIA also deployed interior units at their Arlington, VA location. NAVBASE San Diego and the US Naval Observatory in Washington DC, home to Vice President Dick Cheney, installed MDFPs as an integral part of their entry control security plans.

Internationally, the US Army Rapid Equipping Force (REF) deployed 50 MDFPs throughout different combat zones in Iraq, including Baghdad, Tikrit and Balad, where they have proven to be valuable for rapidly establishing sniper return fire positions. The USAF also integrated MDFPs into the ECP security plan at RAF Mildenhall in the UK.

The three-sided Mobile Defensive Fighting Position was developed for Kirtland AFB in New Mexico, in response to their need for an environmentally protective, stand-alone unit with greater return fire capability. The units feature an all-weather ballistic cover, a weapon rack for gun and ammunition storage, and firing ports on all three sides of the unit.

In late 2007, Ali Al Salem AB in Kuwait installed Defenshield’s new Barrier Caps to enhance security and visibility at vulnerable entry control points. The Barrier Cap armor and glass system adds vertical transparent ballistic and blast protection to concrete road barriers, allowing construction of a custom wall of varying configurations and a greater field of vision.

The Defenshield line continues to expand in 2008 with the development of a portable Sentry Protection System designed to address the threat of RPGs in combination with hand held munitions.

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