• Soldier behind a DS-192 in Afghanistan
  • Two DS-192s in Afghanistan
  • Soldier behind a DS-192 in Afghanistan
  • Soldier behind two MDFPs in Afghanistan
  • Afghan Security finds protection behind a DS-192
  • Afghan Security behind an MDFP
  • Soldier safely behind an MDFP as vehicle passes
  • Soldier halts a truck safely behind an MDFP
  • Soldier awaits vehicle while standing behind an MDFP
  • Soldier stands behind a DS-192 in Afghanistan
  • NineMileNuclear2
  • MDFP protects individuals coming out of a guardhouse
  • MDFP in an airport
  • An MDFP in an Airport
  • MDFP with Mahogany Camography
  • MDFPs at a nuclear generation facility
  • Defenshield MDFPs at a Federal Building Entrance
  • Defenshield MDFP with Iraqi Soldier
  • Defenshield MDFP with bridgeport
  • Defenshield MDFP in Iraq
  • Defenshield MDFP at an Entrance Control Point
  • Defenshield MDFP at Afghanistan ECP
  • Defenshield MDFP at a personnel access point
  • Defenshield MDFP at a military base
  • Defenshield MDFP at a military base New
  • ARNG MD (Rear)
  • MDFP at a Marine Corps Base
  • Marine safely behind an MDFP
  • Behind an MDFP
  • Stucco colored MDFP
  • DS-192s at an ECP
  • MDFP in the middle lane of an ECP
  • MDFP at a drop arm gate
  • MDFP with weapons mount and spot light
  • MDFP with Blac Rac weapon mount
  • MDFP with front work station and camography
  • MDFP at ACP in a court house
  • Law Enforcement safely behind and MDFP

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