Defenshields Headed to Iraq

May 24th, 2006

This is a bit smaller than the contracts we usually cover, but (a) it’s interesting; and (b) it covers an item that is being procured and deployed in theater.  Veteran-owned Defenshield Inc. of Syracuse, NY has been awarded a $2 million contract from BAE Systems for its DS-192-P Mobile Defensive Fighting Positions (MDFP) to be deployed in South West Asia in support of the war on terrorism.  These mobile, modern tower shields with a slot for returning fire are certified up to NIJ Level III (assault rifles) and NIJ Level IV (30-06 armor piercing), and is certified by the US State Department to Standard 01.01 for resistance to both 5.56mm and 7.62mm NATO rounds.  It also offers some blast protection. Deliveries will begin in May 2006, and include the ATV mobility option developed especially for use on unimproved and rough surfaces.

The firm notes that D.C. Hales, II Marine Expeditionary Force Assistant Chief of Staff of Logistics, had good things to say about these systems from his vantage point in Fallujah, Iraq:

“The Defenshield Mobile Fighting Positions (DS-181-P) are uniquely constructed to provide the protection Marines and Soldiers need in vulnerable locations, while providing excellent visibility of approaching gunmen.  These Mobile Fighting Positions have already proven their ability to stop small arms fire while allowing personnel concealed behind them to engage enemy combatants, from a secure position, and eliminate the enemy threat.  These items have saved the lives of several Marines that have been fired upon in this part of Iraq.”

A Defenshield corporate release notes that over 100 Defenshield units are currently deployed at entry control points in various cities in Iraq, especially in the Green Zone.  They have also been deployed elsewhere by the U.S. Department of Justice, The Department of Homeland Security, The Department of Defense, and civilian agencies.  MDFP Units are apparently available through the GSA Schedule to all federal agencies and state, local, and municipal law enforcement under the Justice Department 1122 program.

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