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Rail Cap™

A higher level of maritime security. An armor and glass system designed to add ballistic, blast and fragment protection to shipboard and architectural railings.
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Once installed, the unit creates a protected position with a full field of vision and the ability to return fire. It also serves as an effective hostile activity deterrent. The Rail Cap is ideal for use on commercial and military ships traveling in high-risk areas, as well as guard towers, prisons, stadiums, arenas and government buildings.

Rail Cap units are also effective for maritime anti-piracy use. Their universal fittings enable the units to be easily and securely attached to a variety of railing configurations. By adding transparent armor to a ship’s railing, personnel are able to spot and respond to approaching threats while remaining protected from gunfire, blasts and other attacks.

Built to protect, built to last

Constructed of transparent armor and durable powder-coated steel, the Rail Cap is weather resistant and capable of withstanding the extremes in maritime environments. Each standard 2-foot unit provides 10 square feet of protection, up to NIJ Level IV 30-06 AP resistance.

Can be easily transported throughout the ship by two people. Modular design makes replacing damaged glass components quick and easy — no tools required.

Custom sizes and finishes are also available.

Rail Caps are a stand-alone, modular device that can easily be integrated with other ballistic equipment produced by Defenshield, including the RPG Wall, Fox Hole, or Mobile Defensive Fighting Positions.


NIJ Level III version defeats rifle rounds up to 7.62 NATO
NIJ Level IV version defeats armor-piercing rifle rounds up to 30-06 Armor Piercing

National Institute of Justice (NIJ) 0108.01 Ballistic Level Breakdown

Rating Ammunition Weight
Number of
Level I .22 long rifle high velocity lead 40 2.6 320 +/- 12 1050 +/- 40 5
Level I .38 special round nose lead 158 10.2 259 +/- 12 850 +/- 50 5
Level IIA .357 mag. jacketed soft poin 158 10.2 381 +/- 15 1250 +/- 50 5
Level IIA 9mm full metal jacket 124 8.0 322 +/- 12 1090 +/- 40 5
Level II .357 mag. jacketed soft poin 158 10.2 425 +/- 15 1395 +/- 40 5
Level II 9mm full metal jacket 124 8.0 358 +/- 12 1175 +/- 40 5
Level IIIA .44 mag. lead semi-wadcutter gas checked 240 15.55 426 +/- 15 1400 +/- 50 5
Level IIIA 9mm full metal jacket 124 8.0 426 +/- 15 1400 +/- 50 5
Level III 7.62mm (.308 Winchester) full metal jacket 150 9.7 838 +/- 15 2750 +/- 50 5
Level IV .30-06 armor piercing 166 10.8 868 +/- 15 2850 +/- 50 1

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The following items are some basic questions to ask when preparing your Defenshield order.

What is the nature of the threat – small arms, rifle rounds, armor piercing, IED blast?

Will the unit be used indoors or outdoors?

Will the unit be used for riot control or hostage negotiations?

Do you require conspicuous deterrence or camouflage?

Will the unit need to match the aesthetics of it’s surroundings – wood or stone finishes?

Will you need traffic control signage, unit logos or law enforcement badges displayed on the unit?

What is the size of the space where the unit will be used?

Will the unit need to fit through doorways, into elevators?

What are you protecting – people, objects?

(For maximum blast mitigation, units must be secured or lagged.)

What surface are you using the unit on – gravel, dirt road, finished concrete, wood floor?

Will the unit be frequently relocated?

Will you be transporting the unit over long distances or within a few feet?