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  • Trailer Mounted Guard Booth

Trailer Mounted Guard Booth

Guard house designed to be easily maneuvered for a variety of entry control point configurations. Can also be used for temporary gates without the need for brick and mortar structures.
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The Trailer-Mounted Guard Booth is thoroughly rugged and designed to withstand all needs and environments. The frame is made from a minimum of 2” x 2” x .083 structural mechanical steel tubing, with walls made from minimum 16-gauge galvanized steel panels inside and out. The floor is constructed of a minimum 12-gauge galvanized steel plate covered with aluminum diamond plate. Mounted on a 2” galvanized steel tube frame and joists, it’s designed to mount directly to the trailer.

The unit comes completely weatherproofed to provide occupant comfort in all climates. Its roof features an all-steel construction with interior 16-gauge steel framing, and an 8” fascia offers removable lifting rings for easy hoisting by crane. Galvanized steel decking is covered with a 3-part membrane providing an SRI index of 95 or higher, and durability is ensured by the heavy-duty rust-inhibitive primer and fade-resistant high-impact polyurethane finish.

The unit is electrically wired and features interior lighting, closeable weapons ports, an interior desk, mounted AC/heat pump unit and a full 360-degree view from inside. The Trailer- Mounted Guard Booth can also be outfitted with a number of additional accessories.


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Available in ballistic and non-ballistic construction, the Trailer-Mounted Guard Booth comes with up to U.L. Level 9 bullet-resistant walls and windows.

National Institute of Justice (NIJ) 0108.01 Ballistic Level Breakdown

Rating Ammunition Weight
Number of
Level I .22 long rifle high velocity lead 40 2.6 320 +/- 12 1050 +/- 40 5
Level I .38 special round nose lead 158 10.2 259 +/- 12 850 +/- 50 5
Level IIA .357 mag. jacketed soft poin 158 10.2 381 +/- 15 1250 +/- 50 5
Level IIA 9mm full metal jacket 124 8.0 322 +/- 12 1090 +/- 40 5
Level II .357 mag. jacketed soft poin 158 10.2 425 +/- 15 1395 +/- 40 5
Level II 9mm full metal jacket 124 8.0 358 +/- 12 1175 +/- 40 5
Level IIIA .44 mag. lead semi-wadcutter gas checked 240 15.55 426 +/- 15 1400 +/- 50 5
Level IIIA 9mm full metal jacket 124 8.0 426 +/- 15 1400 +/- 50 5
Level III 7.62mm (.308 Winchester) full metal jacket 150 9.7 838 +/- 15 2750 +/- 50 5
Level IV .30-06 armor piercing 166 10.8 868 +/- 15 2850 +/- 50 1

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The following items are some basic questions to ask when preparing your Defenshield order.

What is the nature of the threat – small arms, rifle rounds, armor piercing, IED blast?

Will the unit be used indoors or outdoors?

Will the unit be used for riot control or hostage negotiations?

Do you require conspicuous deterrence or camouflage?

Will the unit need to match the aesthetics of it’s surroundings – wood or stone finishes?

Will you need traffic control signage, unit logos or law enforcement badges displayed on the unit?

What is the size of the space where the unit will be used?

Will the unit need to fit through doorways, into elevators?

What are you protecting – people, objects?

(For maximum blast mitigation, units must be secured or lagged.)

What surface are you using the unit on – gravel, dirt road, finished concrete, wood floor?

Will the unit be frequently relocated?

Will you be transporting the unit over long distances or within a few feet?