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Ballistic Furniture

Defenshield, Inc. brings a whole new level of safety to applications calling for superior ballistic protection — from federal agencies to nuclear plants. Our products prove their effectiveness in the field and throughout rigorous product testing. Our entire ballistically certified product line is purposely engineered to fill the gap between permanent construction and tactical body armor.

As a veteran-owned small business, we never take shortcuts when it comes to protecting and saving lives. It’s another reason that Defenshield products are currently in use in everything from military bases to Air Force One and the Pentagon.

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What Are Bulletproof Panels?

Bulletproof panels are protection solutions for government officials, law enforcement, and more. With the appearance of a small wall, these panels protect individuals who often face a high level of risk. They absorb the impact of forces directed at them, such as a barrage of bullets, and redistribute the energy, providing enhanced safety. Bullet-resistant wall panels increase security during an emergency involving active shooters, such as terrorism threats.

Can You Bulletproof a Wall?

Technically speaking, you can make a wall bulletproof. However, doing so yourself is time-consuming and takes complex resources you might not have available. A reliable solution is to use bullet-resistant wall panels from a company like Defenshield. Our wall panels, partitions, and other furniture items, like podiums and benches, are designed to keep people safe. With numerous protection levels, these items provide extensive security during the threat of violence.

Ballistic Partitions

Because we engineer and manufacture all of our products, we can customize physical security solutions for your needs. For instance, our bullet-resistant glass partitions can be custom-sized to fit practically any environment.

Our custom finishes service provides you with the option of softening appearances while maintaining ballistic protection. This solution ensures your ballistic partitions match their intended operational environment. You can design these products so that they are completely camouflaged in combat areas or blend in unobtrusively in office settings.

Other customization options include the following:

Our expert engineers are also available to consult with you on your next security project. Our experience in providing the best in ballistic protection is extensive and runs from equipping ships with anti-piracy equipment to enhancing the perimeters and checkpoints of key infrastructure facilities, such as nuclear power plants.

Ballistically Certified Furniture

Our ballistic furniture solutions provide unrivaled, unobtrusive protection in a variety of environments. Storefront locations, recruiting stations, courtrooms, and any public places with an open area are vulnerable to active shooters, terrorism, and other threats. Our ballistically certified furniture are a critical component of a layered defense. These products directly address vital vulnerabilities exploited in previous incidents.

Achieving ballistically certified statuses for our furniture is a challenging endeavor. An independent, recognized ballistics testing facility puts our products through rigorous procedures that are time-consuming and expensive. However, while we could make products that meet only part of a ballistic standard like most other companies do, we understand the importance of investing in meticulous testing.

Our ballistic certifications ensure that our furniture is guaranteed to perform in high-risk situations. The testing procedures expose all possible vulnerabilities, so you can trust that every inch of our furniture is prepared to protect.

Bullet Resistant Panel Applications

Bullet-resistant panels are helpful for the government, law enforcement, and military, among others. Applications for bulletproof panels include convenience stores, safe rooms, airports, and data centers. However, they are also useful in several other areas because they are lightweight and transportable.

This product can be used at embassies, government buildings, banks, and hotels, too. Wherever individuals are at high risk, bulletproof panels can help keep them safe during dangerous events. Other locations where you might want to install bullet-resistant panels include:

Defenshield, Inc. — Good News for Good Guys

To assist you in ordering, many of our products are available through GSA contract (GS-07F-5660-P). Several are assigned National Stock Numbers by the Defense Logistics Agency. Our ballistically certified furniture and glass barriers ensure quality protection in the case of an attack. You can rest assured knowing that our wall panels will keep your employees or soldiers safe.

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