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Mobile Defensive Fighting Position / SafePoint®

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Mobile Defensive Fighting Positions — or MDFPs — and SafePoints provide head to toe protection on a mobile platform without looking out of place. The MDFPs are ballistically certified up to National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level IV (30-06 Armor Piercing) and Department of State Standard DS-STD-01.01. Since developing MDFPs in 2002, we’ve expanded our product line to include more than 35 access control point protection solutions that are ideal for military, government, law enforcement and private sector security applications.

From Air Force One and the Pentagon to local courthouses and security checkpoints, Defenshield’s entry control point safety products are currently used across the U.S. Government (both military and federal agencies), state and local law enforcement agencies and in the private sector at critical infrastructure facilities including airports and nuclear power plants.

DS-390 Series
NIJ 0108.01 Level IV
NIJ 0108.01 Level IV
DS - STD - 01.01
NIJ 0108.01 Level III
NIJ 0108.01 Level IIIA
NIJ 0108.01 Level II

Mobile Defensive Fighting Positions / SafePoints

Defenshield’s MDFPs provide entry control point ballistic protection, both indoors and outdoors. They are independently tested and ballistically certified as a system to provide head-to-toe protection. In other words, you can trust Defenshield entry control point shields to protect against a wide variety of threats including pistol and rifle rounds up through 30-06 AP rounds. Our ballistic shields can also protect from blasts and fragmentation, to ensure the utmost protection for your personnel.

Soldier Behind MDFP at Entry Point

When you see the Defenshield name on equipment, you can trust that it has been rigorously tested to guarantee its performance under the most challenging circumstances.

The Advantage Over Handheld Ballistic Shields

Our Mobile Defense Fighting Positions / Safepoint ballistic shields provide a much more strategic approach to ballistic protection compared to handheld shields. 

As a service-disabled, veteran-owned business, we incorporate safety, functionality and convenience at the forefront of our products. With our mobile ballistic shields, we look to address the flaws with handheld ballistic shields, providing superior protection for those who need it most.

Custom Indoor and Outdoor Bullet-Resistant Shields

We’re a veteran-owned business with years of specialized experience designing, engineering and manufacturing top-quality access control point products and solutions. Our MDFPs and SafePoints are ballistically certified up to NIJ Level IV. In addition, two of our mobile ballistic shield models are certified by the Department of State to meet Standard-STD-01.01 — which makes this equipment available to DOS engineers, planners and architects to officially use in their facilities.

MDFP at Pentagon Entrance

Our bullet-resistant shields are available with any number of customizable options to make them more capable and aesthetically appropriate for your application’s specific requirements. We offer awnings, heaters, m4 weapon racks, drawers, LRAD systems and more. If you’re operating in a cold climate, a heating unit can also be installed.

For maximum concealment of field units or aesthetic appeal in non-combat applications, our customizable Camography™ service can match almost any color or pattern you choose. From camouflaging a desert checkpoint to matching the inconspicuous look of an office’s entranceway, our Camography™ services can enhance both the visual deterrence and aesthetic appeal of your MDFP.

Defenshield, Inc. — Good News for Good Guys

To make ordering easy, all of our MDFP models are listed with GSA Advantage with two MDFPs (Part Number: NS-182-36 and NS-192-36) now assigned National Stock Numbers. For more information, check out our How to Order page or fill out the contact form below.