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Ballistic Window Systems

Globally, professionals rely on ballistic glass to protect military, state, private and commercial buildings. Bulletproof windows allow individuals to operate safely in buildings that represent high-value targets for criminals, terrorists, active shooters and enemy combatants. They are integral to any fixed-point defense strategy and save lives every day.

Explore Defenshield’s ballistic window options for the protection you need.

.50 cal AP Window
Sand Bag Window
Guard House (GH) Window
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Ballistic Resistant Enclosure Window Shield

Bullet-Resistant Windows From Defenshield

We manufacture our ballistic windows for a wide variety of applications, including entry lockdown and personnel safety. We help ensure your personnel’s safety so they can lock down the building and fully observe ingress and egress points without exposure to enemy fire. Our window systems include:

Benefits of Bulletproof Windows

Our range of ballistic glass windows provides between NIJ level IIIA and level IV ballistic protection according to the product and its purpose. These levels of protection enable resistance to:

Bulletproof glass offers protection and allows personnel to have complete field visibility without exposing themselves to danger.

Our specialized design ensures personnel are always protected, even when replacing the window because of damage. We manufacture our glass to be fully replaceable from inside the safe zone. For example, soldiers can change our ballistic guard house windows’ glass in under two minutes without tools and without leaving the safety of the bunker.

Our sandbag window is also replaceable from the safe side in the field. Two people can complete the process in 10 minutes, requiring no tools.

Why Choose Ballistic Windows From Defenshield?

We are a service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) with over 20 years of experience supporting the security needs of the U.S. government and over 400 government and civilian facilities worldwide. Our hands-on experience in the industry means we are familiar with bulletproof windows’ life-saving capabilities and benefits.

We take pride in our rigorous quality standards and personal experience in the field. Rest assured that we certify all our products through the National Institute of Justice and Department of State Standard-STD-01.01 as resistant to .556 rounds.

All our products undergo a rigorous certification process to ensure they can withstand an attack. We test all our ballistic glass through an independent, recognized ballistics laboratory to guarantee its performance.

No defense situation is the same, so we also make our products fully customizable. Depending on your requirements, we offer a wide range of colors and finishes, along with our proprietary Camography™.

Defenshield, Inc. – Good News for Good Guys

Our ballistic glass protects your people while they do their duties. The level of safety we offer ensures everybody can do their job to the best of their abilities and continue making the world safer.

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