Defense Solutions: U.S. Army

Mobile Defensive Fighting Position / SafePoint®
DS-390 Series
NIJ 0108.01 Level IV
NIJ 0108.01 Level IV
DS - STD - 01.01
NIJ 0108.01 Level III
NIJ 0108.01 Level IIIA
NIJ 0108.01 Level II
MDFP® / SafePoint® Accessories
Diamond Plate Floor
Front Work Station
Standard Desk Unit w/Locking Drawer ...
Standard Desk Unit w/Locking Drawer
Rear Swivel Casters
Tow Bar
LRAD 1000XI™
LRAD 500X™
LRAD 300X™
LRAD 100X™
Jersey Barrier Systems
Barrier Cap™
Non-Ballistic Protection
Pointman® Riot Shield
Capture Shield

About Defenshield

Good News For Good Guys™

Defenshield is a veteran-owned, SBA-certified small business specializing in the engineering and development of bullet, blast, and fragment resistant equipment for the government, military, law enforcement and private sector for anti-terror, force protection, and physical security requirements.

COL (R) Perry Hagaman
  |   (904) 679-3942

Perry Hagaman joined Defenshield in September of 2016 as the Program Manager – National Guard, a role in which he is responsible for overseeing all actions and sales to the National Guard and Law Enforcement.

Prior to joining the Defenshield team, Perry was the Assistant Adjutant General for the Florida National Guard where he had primary directional oversight responsibility for both the state and federal missions for approximately 10,000 Army Soldiers from 5 Major Commands. Perry served in a variety of key military command and staff positions including Chief of Staff, Troop Command Commander, State Army Aviation Officer, Chief of Aviation Training, and State Safety Officer. Perry is Master Army Aviator and Instructor Pilot with more than 4,500 flight hours in a wide range of military and civilian aircraft. Perry also serves as a reserve deputy sheriff where he provides safety, tactics and weapon expertise across the law enforcement spectrum.

Perry is a graduate of Embry Riddle University with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Professional Aeronautics and the Army War College with a Master’s in Strategic Studies. His military awards and decorations highlights include the Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit, the Meritorious Service Medal.

In his spare time, Perry enjoys golf, shooting, flying, and spending time with his wife Susan and two college age kids.

Ordering Information

The Defenshield product line is available to U.S Federal agencies through GSA Advantage (GS-07F-5660-P) and to state, local and municipal law enforcement under the Cooperative Purchasing Program.

Volume discounts available on orders of 10 or more units. Discounts also available through GSA Advantage (GS-07F-5660-P) and to state, local and municipal law enforcement.

If your purchase is tax exempt please indicate tax exempt status during the ordering process.


The following items are some basic questions to ask when preparing your Defenshield order.

What is the nature of the threat – small arms, rifle rounds, armor piercing, IED blast?

Will the unit be used indoors or outdoors?

Will the unit be used for riot control or hostage negotiations?

Do you require conspicuous deterrence or camouflage?

Will the unit need to match the aesthetics of it’s surroundings – wood or stone finishes?

Will you need traffic control signage, unit logos or law enforcement badges displayed on the unit?

What is the size of the space where the unit will be used?

Will the unit need to fit through doorways, into elevators?

What are you protecting – people, objects?

(For maximum blast mitigation, units must be secured or lagged.)

What surface are you using the unit on – gravel, dirt road, finished concrete, wood floor?

Will the unit be frequently relocated?

Will you be transporting the unit over long distances or within a few feet?

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