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Ballistic Equipment for Schools & Universities

Due to possible security threats schools and universities may face, utilizing effective life-saving ballistic equipment for protection is paramount. Schools and universities are institutions attended and staffed by unprotected and unarmed civilians. Durable, mobile equipment with enhanced capabilities can provide head-to-toe protection. Two factors play a role in civilian gunfire defense — inadequate brick-and-mortar defense and a lack of personal armor.

During mass shootings or gunfire threats, people seek shielding from brick-and-mortar structures or under tables. Finding an adequate corner or wall in time is often challenging in these situations. Another worrying factor is that the collective school body doesn’t wear personal body armor. These two combined create a weak security defense for schools.

Ballistic Furniture
Safe Bench with Glass
Armor Partitions
Glass Partitions
Glass Partitions with Bridge
Safe Bench
Safe Desk
STEGO® Modular Ballistic Podium
Mobile Defensive Fighting Position / SafePoint®
DS-390 Series
NIJ 0108.01 Level IV
NIJ 0108.01 Level IV
DS - STD - 01.01
NIJ 0108.01 Level III
NIJ 0108.01 Level IIIA
NIJ 0108.01 Level II
MDFP® / SafePoint® Accessories
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Diamond Plate Floor
Front Work Station
Standard Desk Unit w/Locking Drawer ...
Standard Desk Unit w/Locking Drawer

Bulletproof Desks for Active Shooter Defense

Bulletproof desks for schools provide a safe and effective solution, filling the gap between brick-and-mortar structures and personal body armor. These desks:

Additional Ballistic Equipment for Schools and Universities

Educational institutions need certified ballistic equipment that blends into the environment and is not overly intimidating for its settings. We at Defenshield customize our solutions to your layout and sizing needs. Additional protection includes:

Creating a School Shooting Defense Plan With Ballistic Equipment

Incorporating school shooting safety products starts with an effective plan. Parents, the school board and other bodies have vested interests in the safety of schools and a collective stance against shooting defense aids for quicker, more effective results.

Employ combat-proven, robust Defenshield Safety Desks, Safety Benches and bulletproof partitions around school entrances and along corridors to help keep the collective school body safe while waiting for law enforcement. Request assistance from the school board and resource offices to help you keep your school environment safe for scholars, educators and faculty.

When incorporating any armor system, seek two crucial certifications from the manufacturer:

These tests and certifications are rigorous, testing the armor and the system. Schools must be aware of these certifications and only partner with a ballistic resistance manufacturer whose solutions have undergone both tests and meet both standards.

Select Life-Saving Ballistic Defense for Schools From Defenshield

Get certified, robust ballistic defense equipment that your school deserves. Our combat-proven, life-saving solutions are used in the Pentagon and military applications, providing effective, bulletproof solutions that you can trust. Contact us for more information.

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About Defenshield

Defenshield Inc. | Good News for Good Guys™

Defenshield is a service disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) specializing in the engineering and development of bullet, blast, and fragment resistant equipment for the government, military, law enforcement and private sector for anti-terror, force protection, and physical security requirements.

Ordering Information

Part of  Defenshield’s product line is currently available to U.S Federal agencies through GSA Advantage (GS-07F-5660-P) and to state, local and municipal law enforcement under the Justice Department 1122 program.

Volume discounts available on orders of 10 or more units. Discounts also available through GSA Advantage (GS-07F-5660-P) and to state, local and municipal law enforcement under the Cooperative Purchasing Program.

Sales tax is collected on all purchases shipped within NY State. If your purchase is tax exempt please indicate tax exempt status during the ordering process.

The following items are some basic questions to ask when preparing your Defenshield order.

What is the nature of the threat – small arms, rifle rounds, armor piercing, IED blast?

Will the unit be used indoors or outdoors?

Will the unit be used for riot control or hostage negotiations?

Do you require conspicuous deterrence or camouflage?

Will the unit need to match the aesthetics of it’s surroundings – wood or stone finishes?

Will you need traffic control signage, unit logos or law enforcement badges displayed on the unit?

What is the size of the space where the unit will be used?

Will the unit need to fit through doorways, into elevators?

What are you protecting – people, objects?

(For maximum blast mitigation, units must be secured or lagged.)

What surface are you using the unit on – gravel, dirt road, finished concrete, wood floor?

Will the unit be frequently relocated?

Will you be transporting the unit over long distances or within a few feet?